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We welcome you to Washington and Lee University's world language opportunity and congratulate you for having been selected as one of the top world language students in the Commonwealth. We hope your time with this eventful full-immersion program is profitable and stimulating.


How fortunate we Virginians are to have state legislators and a state department of education that fully understand the value of language and culture study, and how fortunate we are as well to be able to welcome Virginia’s top world language students into a full immersion, language learning environment on the campus of Washington & Lee.  We welcome you and encourage you to take full advantage of this cultural and linguistic growth opportunity.


Dr. Lena Hill

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Dr. Dick Kuettner
Program Coordinator

Exemplary Experience in World Language Education

All three full-immersion programs aim to provide an engaging experience in world language education.
For the duration of the program, the Commonwealth’s most motivated and talented world language
students participate in intense language and culture study, while being required to only speak, read,
write and listen in the target languages!

"Having lived it firsthand as a student and staff,
I know to be certain that the World Language Academies
are a beneficial experience!" 

 - David, former Language Mentor and former Academy Student 


Want to be a student at the Academies?

Students must be nominated by a public high school from a Virginia public school division or a private school accredited by one of the approved accrediting constituent members of the Virginia Council for Private Education. Home-school students may apply through the public school they are eligible to attend tuition free. A state selection process will determine who is accepted to participate. Click the button for more information!

Interested in Being Part of the Academies?

Language administrators, educators, teachers, and college students interested in a position at the 2022 Academies are encouraged to apply. These positions include Academy Director, Lead Teacher, Teacher, Lead Mentor, Mentor. Staff and faculty come from rich backgrounds, this ranges from native speakers to college majors to even former Academy students.

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